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No fake reviews, by invitation only & exclusively for businesses known for their excellence & integrity and is now being populated in San Diego County. more info

Help: Who To Invite?

myTLC.com will be what we make it. The quality of the site will be determined by the integrity of each and every referral.

We must be civic minded! The emphasis must be to bless our community and not the individual that would like to have a myTLC.com listing. Every business would like to be listed on myTLC.com, that is not enough. myTLC.com is reserved for only great businesses! They must be businesses that have faithfully served their communities with a reputation for integrity and a commitment to excellence. If they do not "Cut The Muster," please do not refer them!

When you invite and refer someone, you must have first hand experience using and or referring them. They must be someone that you are willing to put your name on the line for.

If for some reason you begin getting complaints about a particular referral that you have invited, if you begin to see a pattern of dissatisfied customers, please remove your endorsement. Remember your motivation is to bless your community not damage your valuable name.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to receive any compensation or consideration from a party for your referral or invitation. Such practice is grounds for all parties involved to be removed from myTLC.com permanently!

myTLC.com reserves the right to terminate a listing for any reason what-so-ever. You have the right to remove your endorsement at any time and for any reason.

We must invite "Team Players." In the future you will have opportunities to do co-ops in your community: Direct Mailers, Directories, Apps for smart phones, Billboard Campaigns etc.. We must invite only those businesses that will participate and not ride on the coat tails of others.

Consumers: If you have had a bad experience or would like to make a constructive suggestion, please contact me directly at Matthew@myTLC.com. I personally guarantee we will do our best to make myTLC.com the most reliable and user friendly on-line resource for finding quality businesses.

Merchants: My commitment to our fine merchants is to have the most cost effective marketing solutions available anywhere.

Great + Great = Really Great! Together we can and will do Great things!

Matthew Basson
myTLC.com Founder