myTLC.com is the first and only endorsement website of it's kind.

No fake reviews, by invitation only & exclusively for businesses known for their excellence & integrity and is now being populated in San Diego County. more info

Investor Relations

In late 2008, after the economy turned for the worse, a mission to create the ideal business was launched. Some of this nation's most accomplished and well respected business minds were instrumental in this process. The following objectives were critical and non negotiable in the design of myTLC.com.

  1. Virtual
  2. No Manufacturing
  3. No Warehousing
  4. No Shipping
  5. Minimal Employees
  6. Proven, Desirable and Beneficial Products & Services
  7. Easily Replicable
  8. Scalable
  9. Low Overhead
  10. Low Risk
  11. Large Margins
  12. Multiple Distribution Channels
  13. Repeat & On-going Customers
  14. Recession Resistant
  15. Massive Database

The Problem:

  1. Unreliable Review Sites for consumers. According to Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports nearly 25% of all reviews are fake.
  2. Extreme advertising costs combined with poor results for small business owners. Advertising costs for small business owners is out of control. CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is up 41% in one year and climbing.

The Solution:

  1. A free, credible and reliable alternative to the unreliable review sites for consumers.
  2. An extremely affordable yet powerfully effective marketing solution for quality merchants.

Company Overview:

myTLC.com is a fresh, ultra user-friendly and credible alternative to the unreliable review sites; a first of its kind, the only true endorsement site.

Please direct all inquiries regarding myTLC.com investment opportunities directly to Investor Relations at IR@myTLC.com.